Free Over/Under Betting Tips - Asian Football Predictions

Asian continent is home to many soccer competitions. This section of Over/Under Betting Tips is dedicated to matches from all these Asian tournaments. As Over/Under is a popular betting choice world-wide, punters around the world also use it consistently in their betting slips. There are many leagues and cups covered from countries like Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam among other, making it a busy section with predictions available every day. See below free betting tips and odds updated daily for the over/under 2.5 market:

Free Over/Under 2.5 Betting Tips & Betting Odds for 23-Jun-2024

CSL (China) - Over/Under betting tips
DateSoccer MatchOddsOver/Under 2.5 Prediction
06.25.2024Henan - Qingdao West Coast2.6[ View Prediction ]
06.26.2024Shanghai Shenhua - Meizhou Hakka2.35[ View Prediction ]
06.25.2024Nantong Zhiyun - Tianjin Jinmen Tiger1.95[ View Prediction ]
06.25.2024Shenzhen Peng City - Zhejiang1.57[ View Prediction ]
06.26.2024Changchun Yatai - Shandong Taishan1.57[ View Prediction ]
06.26.2024Qingdao Hainiu - Chengdu Rongcheng1.75[ View Prediction ]
06.25.2024Wuhan Three Towns - Shanghai Port1.4[ View Prediction ]
06.26.2024Beijing Guoan - Cangzhou Mighty Lions1.44[ View Prediction ]
J1 League (Japan) - Over/Under betting tips
DateSoccer MatchOddsOver/Under 2.5 Prediction
06.23.2024Consadole Sapporo - Yokohama F. Marinos1.48[ View Prediction ]
06.26.2024Kashima Antlers - Gamba Osakan/a[ View Prediction ]
06.26.2024Tokyo - Consadole Sapporon/a[ View Prediction ]
06.26.2024Kawasaki Frontale - Shonan Bellmaren/a[ View Prediction ]
06.26.2024Júbilo Iwata - Tokyo Verdyn/a[ View Prediction ]
06.26.2024Nagoya Grampus - Urawa Redsn/a[ View Prediction ]
06.26.2024Kyoto Sanga - Kashiwa Reysoln/a[ View Prediction ]
06.26.2024Cerezo Osaka - Sagan Tosun/a[ View Prediction ]
06.26.2024Vissel Kobe - Machida Zelvian/a[ View Prediction ]
06.26.2024Sanfrecce Hiroshima - Albirex Niigatan/a[ View Prediction ]
06.26.2024Avispa Fukuoka - Yokohama F. Marinosn/a[ View Prediction ]
Top Liga (Kyrgyzstan) - Over/Under betting tips
DateSoccer MatchOddsOver/Under 2.5 Prediction
06.24.2024Abdysh-Ata - Kyrgyzaltynn/a[ View Prediction ]
06.25.2024Talant - Alayn/a[ View Prediction ]
06.25.2024OshMU Aldier - Dordoi Bishkekn/a[ View Prediction ]
06.24.2024Muras United - Algan/a[ View Prediction ]
06.26.2024Ilbirs - Neftchin/a[ View Prediction ]
Super League (Malaysia) - Over/Under betting tips
DateSoccer MatchOddsOver/Under 2.5 Prediction
06.23.2024Selangor - Perakn/a[ View Prediction ]
06.23.2024Kelantan Darul Naim - PDRMn/a[ View Prediction ]
K League Classic (South Korea) - Over/Under betting tips
DateSoccer MatchOddsOver/Under 2.5 Prediction
06.23.2024Incheon United - Pohang Steelers1.7[ View Prediction ]
06.23.2024Jeju United - Ulsan2.05[ View Prediction ]
06.25.2024Suwon - Gwangjun/a[ View Prediction ]
06.25.2024Gimcheon Sangmu - Daejeon Hana Citizenn/a[ View Prediction ]
06.26.2024Ulsan - Daegun/a[ View Prediction ]
06.26.2024Jeonbuk Motors - Pohang Steelersn/a[ View Prediction ]
06.26.2024Seoul - Gangwonn/a[ View Prediction ]
06.26.2024Jeju United - Incheon Unitedn/a[ View Prediction ]
National League (South Korea) - Over/Under betting tips
DateSoccer MatchOddsOver/Under 2.5 Prediction
06.23.2024Hwaseong - Changwon Cityn/a[ View Prediction ]
06.23.2024Gangneung City - Gimhae Cityn/a[ View Prediction ]
06.23.2024Siheung Citizen - Busan Transportationn/a[ View Prediction ]
V.League 1 (Vietnam) - Over/Under betting tips
DateSoccer MatchOddsOver/Under 2.5 Prediction
06.25.2024Công An Hà Nội - Hoàng Anh Gia Lain/a[ View Prediction ]
06.25.2024Hai Phong - Hà Nộin/a[ View Prediction ]
06.25.2024Nam Định - Sanna Khanh Hoan/a[ View Prediction ]
06.25.2024Binh Duong - Bình Địnhn/a[ View Prediction ]
06.25.2024Song Lam Nghe An - Hồng Lĩnh Hà Tĩnhn/a[ View Prediction ]
06.25.2024Thanh Hóa - Vietteln/a[ View Prediction ]

Odds presented here are collected daily at 6 AM, GMT, from multiple sportsbooks like Bet365, Unibet, ComeOn, Betsson. Odds may change during the day, please confirm the values with your selected bookmaker.

What is Over/Under Betting?

Over/Under betting is among the most popular betting choices in football. The leading market however in soccer is 1x2 betting, which brings in the most bets and turnover to bookmakers around the world. In Over/Under there is a predetermined value set by each bookmaker, like 2.5. Betting on this market is simply betting on the number of goals scored during a match to be over or under that value. The betting odds shown above are in European format, or otherwise known as decimal. As an example, a bet of $10 placed on odds of 2.1 will return $21 (the betting stake included in the return). The profit therefore would be $11 ($21-$10).